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Airbnb Privacy Training Videos

The Airbnb Privacy team needed a series of videos showcasing their rules and guidelines. Our job was to work with their team in building out storyboards and final videos for them to post on their internal site for employees to review. We came up with the concept of using a mascot, Owlivia, to help guide the viewers through different locations and rooms based on the content. We used iconic Airbnb locations as an intro for each speaker as we dive into each house, learning more about Airbnb Privacy standards. The process went like this: 3 concepts based on the scripts, record the speakers via Zoom (live recording was unfortunately not an option), storyboards after approved concept, animation after storyboard approval, feedback and edits, then finally delivering the final assets to the client. 

I was responsible for art directing the storyboards and animation using the creative director's vision and brief. 

The Team

Creative Director: Dave Moyer

Art Director: Austin Alcala

Project Manager: Julie Goodrich

Design Lead: Jay Cariaga

Visual Designers: Nyree Wright, David Pineda, Ana Vincent, and Mika Carpio

Animators: Sophie Baker & Jay Cariaga


'What is Personal Data?' Storyboards

Privacy by Design 2 Storyboards



After completing all six videos, we delivered to the Airbnb Privacy team on time and in budget. They were absolutely delighted with the outcome and loved working with us. They enjoyed the videos so much, they actually came back to ask for more! We are currently making additional Privacy Training videos, as well as animations for other teams. Getting to work on a project of this caliber with a talented group of people was extremely satisfying and positive. 

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