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These two animations were drawn by hand, frame by frame. I've always been fascinated by the artists and animators who make their drawings come to life in 2D. After slowly scrubbing through frames in Akira and The Last Airbender, I was inspired to start practicing this timeless animating art form. 


This animation was made for the collaboration of two streetwear brands: Effulgence and Erased Project. They had a pop-up in LA to sell their limited capsule of jackets, pants, and tee shirts. As a huge fan of Effulgence, it was a great experience to make this animation for them. The owner of Effulgence, Stephen, provided the assets, but ultimately gave me the creative freedom to animate this snippet. 


Another streetwear brand that I love is Resurgence. I came into contact with the owner, JJ, to see if I could help in any way. As a clothing and graphic designer, JJ didn't need any animations but he was kind enough to send me some assets to play around with for practice. 


Monkeycomb is a made-up hair comb brand that I used to practice both logo design and logo animation. The inspiration for this logo came from an Aztec painting I saw in Mexico. The logo extends to show full width of the comb and what the product may actually look like. 

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