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Atomic D is an SF based design agency that specializes in branding, content production, and campaigns to market and advertise innovative brands (this was taken from their website). Some of Atomic D's clients include: Twitter, New Balance, Bluescape, Ordr, Pandora, Paramount Pictures, and Samsung. As a graphic designer at Atomic D, I was responsible for making: pitch decks for clients, various animations, data visualization, UI and UX Designs, illustrations, Emoji designs, team logo designs, presentation templates, in-situ mock-ups, poster specs, tee shirt designs, marketing graphics, and social posts. I mostly worked on Twitter designs and animations while at the office, but I've worked on numerous internal projects that I've shared with you below. You can view other client work on my main page. 


These are 6 different posts that were used for Atomic D's Instagram. The directions were to create 6 different images with Atomic D's motto: We Exist To Create Amazing Things (with each word being on a different post). Each designer had to make their own 6 posts that also show their style. Since I specialize in 6" action figure clothes, I decided to make a set of 6 different jackets in the same colorway for 6 different characters. After cutting and sewing the jackets, I photographed them and laid out the design in Adobe Illustrator. As always, I went the extra mile and decided to add some simple animations for visual effect in After Effects. 


These are a collection of posts that were used for Atomic D's Instagram. The directions were to create 3 images that represent who you are in your own style. I wanted to explore a certain style of illustration that uses monochromatic colors and mechanical designs. The first one is a self portrait that shows my "open mind." The second piece is my favorite tool of all: the human hand. The third piece shows my love for the timeless board game: chess. I used a knight to show that the only "L's" I take are on the chessboard. 


These are a collection of frame by frame animations that were used for Atomic D's Designerds campaign. Designerds focused on in-house creative and management work that Atomic D provided to clients like Twitter and Samsung. I was responsible for making these illustrations and animations that were used in the animated ads and Designerds website. 


Prompt: Made a "Where's Waldo" type of design but with our mascot. Definitely one of my favorite illustration projects due to the amount of easter eggs I could throw in there. This lived on our instagram. 

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