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These filters were all made in Spark AR for use on instagram. I animated some of the moving parts in after effects, then plugged the rest in Spark AR. The use of AR can be used for tons of different visualization techniques, so it's exciting to be taking part in this fresh program. 

This was my first filter made to promote my action figure apparel brand: Salient. I used the same animation as I did in my "How to make a custom Mandalorian Figure" Youtube tutorial to be consistent with branding. You can actually try this filter once you follow @salientfigures on Instagram! 

I wanted to play around with interactive filters, so this a popular "what are you" type of interaction. I noticed alot of these filters are light-hearted or character related, so I decided to go in the other end of the spectrum with the 7 Deadly Sins. After creating the different typeface for each deadly sin in illustrator, I brought them in to Spark AR and learned how to make this type of filter. No (Salient or Austin) branding was used because I wanted this to be a gift for my followers, not a promotion or ad. 

This filter was made to be used on one of my custom action figures for a build-off competition. I built the heads up display in illustrator, then animated the parts in after effects. I layered them out in Spark AR to give the "floating eye" effect. This filter works out perfectly on both action figures and real people. If you're a big fan of Ironman, you'll definitely enjoy this one. 

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