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Flex those fingers!

Twitter Blue is a monthly subscription that gives their most loyal customers exclusive access to premium features and app customizations for a small fee.


The Mission

The Twitter team needed to help launch Twitter Blue into the world in a smart and engaging way. With features from Twitter-famous creators Meg Stalter, Dana Donnelly, Prance and Bomanizer, Twitter Blue came out kicking with this 80's themed launch.


I was responsible for the all text graphics and UI animations in both the launch video and the accompanying GIF thread. My role also included color grading the live footage and animating all the GIFs in the thread.


Erin Taylor / Creative Director

Patrick Hodges / Creative Director

Leah Ranahan / Project Manager

Austin Alcala / Designer / Animator

Kim Oldford / Animator

Lord Danger / Video



Working directly with Twitter creative directors, we started with the look and feel of the launch video and gifs. We worked closely with creative production studio, Lord Danger, to capture the live footage of the influencers and their groovy fingers. 


Twitter Blue remains to be one of the many projects to be internally referenced in almost all new Twitter product launches due to the high engagement. Overall, it was a great experience working with the Twitter Studio team and Lord Danger. 

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