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ILL CHILL and Subtle Mind are talented musicians and artists that released a new collaboration album called Cruising Altitude. After looking through my work, they reached out to me to come up with an album cover for their new collab. They gave me creative liberty to design the cover however I liked. 

I listened to the full album first to get a feel of what they were trying to say with their music. All of the songs were laid back with a steady beat to them. 

I wanted to make the album art match the music, so I initially imagined a car driving downtown when I listened to their songs. I decided to up the ante (literally) and have the car drifting through puffy clouds in the sky. The design of the car is meant to reflect the iconic Coca Cola billboard sign that greeted drivers as they entered San Francisco. 

You can listen to Cruising Altitude on all music streaming platforms now!

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