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Custom Eyes are a unique set of glasses that allows personal customization. People usually own one pair of glasses and stick to those pair until they need a new one. Custom Eyes lets the user have a variety of choices to frame their glasses. Customers would start by choosing the frame color they want, then they would pick three top pieces of their choice for their very first set of Custom Eyes. Different sets come out every month, allowing for users to change the way they look when they want. This is also a great opportunity for open source projects so people can make their own frames from scratch.  



The idea of interchangeable top pieces came from the Ray Bans Club Master glasses. Not only are they one of the most iconic styles, but they come in a variety of colors and sizes. Instead of buying multiple glasses, users can interchange the top pieces to their desire. 

Glasses base

The glasses base would be made from monel and cellulose acetate. The base itself is still quite stylish even without the top pieces. 

Top Pieces

The top pieces would vary in materials. Some would be plastic, while another may be wood. The combinations of styles and materials is endless. Custom Eyes would also have a website where you can customize your own unique top pieces. 


The base of this prototype was made from aluminum wire, while the top pieces were 3D printed in SLA. The lenses were crafted through vacuum forming laser cut acrylic pieces. The top pieces actually fit the base, and can be interchanged as well. 


The glasses would also come with a stand, which can hold up to 3 top pieces. Custom Eyes would release "Top Packs" every season, which would include 3 top pieces with a theme. The "Top Pack" was constructed so the pieces don't move around while being shipped. Every pair of glasses also comes with a unique, patterned bag. 

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