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Ordr is an internet of things platform that can identify, regulate, and protect multiple machines at once. Formerly called Cloudpost Network, Ordr asked Atomic D to help relaunch their brand with a fresh new site and visual identity. The five targeted verticals are: health, manufacturing, retail, warehouses, and airports. My responsibilities for this project were: UX design, UI design, iconography, illustrations, and animation. After exploring different illustrations styles, the client ended up choosing line art with light textures (shown below). The associate art director, Elaine, led the project and guided me in the right direction. She created the first illustration, which was health, as I followed with the other four in the same style. We explored different ways we could best visualize how Ordr wanted to present themselves to potential clients in their website. 


This animation shows the UX frames we created in Sketch, followed by the UI designs that brings those frames to life. 


These are the five verticals that I illustrated and animated with the help from the animator at Atomic D. 


I created all three of these animations for the Atomic D instagram page to show the work we've done for Ordr. 

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