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Zatoon is a record label company that recently decided to branch out into streetwear. As their graphic designer, my job was to create their first season of 2018. My responsibilities included designing their shirts, hats, jackets, and Instagram posts. Although I was hired as an intern, I quickly became the lead graphic designer in the short period that I worked there due to my understanding of the brand.



One of the objectives of Zatoon is to embrace your culture and stay strong to your roots. This shirt shows a Catholic Palestinian Woman from 1900. The composition done with her eyes reflect how we see others in our skin (front of the shirt) versus how others see us (back of the shirt). 

Freedom Fighters

Learning about the Palestinian culture while working at Zatoon also helped me understand the confilct between Palestine and Israel. This shirt reflects the unity needed to revolt against the injustice of the conflict. 


This shirt is a play on the 1960’s show, I DREAM OF JEANNIE. The show’s use of cultural appropriation is targeted with the words “Wish we could get along” on the front. The back design implies that the wearer hopes for a future where people would respect one’s culture and identity. 

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