The goal of this project was to portray the concept of time and how it's a necessity that can't be bought. I gave myself no more than 3 minutes to carefully plan out and draw these illustrations with pen only. The waves represent the thoughts that can distract us from what's important, therefore killing our time. 

These series of collages were made strictly from Entertainment Magazine cutouts. The goal of this series was to create a variety of subliminal messages about how we treat and act toward each other. From arrogance to misogyny, this totem pole-like structure creates a hierarchy of power and control. 

These series of acrylic paintings reflect the interaction between the natural elements and man made innovation. The straight geometrical designs reflect how humans try their best to work around Earth, but Mother Nature will always have full control. 

This series was based on the three levels of fear. "Artist Nightmare" shows the physical aspect of being harmed and how one accident can change one's life. "Ghoul" displays a demonic creature taking control of the subject, when in reality, we are the monstrosities. "Some Things Can't Be Changed" conveys that there are elements in life, such as disease and time, that cannot be changed regardless of how hard we try. 

"F L O W E R S   F O R   M U M"

I wanted to create my mother a series of flowers that would never die. Although quite cheesy, it meant the world to her, which is all that matters to me. I illustrated these flowers in my traditional style because I wanted her to recognize my roots in her beliefs and teachings. 

"Y E L L O W   B I R D"

These two illustrations correlate with each other in a sense of being in a romantic relationship.