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Salient is a streetwear brand I started in 2016 to expand my work in art and graphics. The definition I created for Salient means to stay focused on what matters most to you, whether it be your unique talents, family, or caring for the community. My goal for Salient is to have people live a lifestyle of putting their minds and hands to good use, and I communicate that through my designs and photos. 

Simply Fascinating Tee
Steady Flow Longsleeve
Salient x Lostboys Collaboration
Based off the film Akira
Salient x James Watts
Sold out at Ethan Allen Event
Poseidon Hoodie
Photo set by Johnathan Crisostomo
Always Watching Longsleeve

The process to make these shirts started with sketching ideas on paper. After drawing out a solid idea with a story, I would edit them in illustrator and prepare silkscreens with photo emulsion. Creating the screens and actually screen printing each individual shirt was a grueling process, but I learned a lot of techniques along the way. I photographed some of my most interesting friends with the help from fellow photographer, Johnathan Crisostomo. I also had the wonderful opportunity to sell Salient gear at 111 Minna Gallery for three of their shows. 

My time at San Francisco State University as an industrial design student gave me the opportunity to brand Salient even further. For almost every project in my college career, I would strategically place the Salient logo on the product to add to the company's value. 

Salient Kobra Multi-tool
Salient Custom Eyes Package
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