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What is Salient?

Salient started out as an SF based streetwear brand. The definition I created for Salient means to stay focused on what matters most to you, whether it be your unique talents, family, or caring for the community.

After many sleepless nights screen printing and attending city trade booths, I decided it was time to evolve. I wasn't enjoying the process or the outcome as much as I did when I started, which went against everything Salient stood for. It wasn't until junior year college when I was assigned to make a diorama that I realized exactly what I love doing: making custom action figures. 

SALIENT FIGURES is now a branch of Salient I started in 2018 that focuses on 1:12 scale soft goods. My process usually goes like this: I research some streetwear inspiration, I measure a 6" action figure, make a pattern of the clothing, cut out pieces of fabric material with the pattern, sew the patterns together, take the photos, then finally edit them in Photoshop. I am one of 7 tailors in the world that makes 1:12 scale apparel for action figures. I wanted to stand out by focusing more on streetwear labels than superhero spandex or basic jackets.

SALIENT FIGURES has given me the opportunity to work with a variety of artists and creators both in streetwear and action figures. From full blown tutorials to fun Insta reels, SALIENT FIGURES remains to be a lifelong passion project.

Check out my instagram for all the pics and reels!

Want to learn how to make action figure clothes like me? Check out my youtube tutorials to make some sick threads!

I also have a TikTok!

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