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Let's get movin!

Woven Capital is in the business of investing in the future of mobility innovation by offering resources to visionaries across core technologies and disciplines. Our team was tasked with creating a new website for Woven Capital

I was brought on a little later in the project after the UX was finished and a V1 of the UI was in progress. 


New Routes

The V1 UI was created to replicate organizational boxes. Upon being onboarded to this project, I noticed a variety of problems that came with this approach. I stripped away all the unnecessary elements and created hierarchy and simplicity with the new design. 


Homepage - 2.28.22.png

Final UI



This project was fast and quite furious. Luckily, our team was able to create the site and deliver on schedule. The partners ended up loving the design so much, they asked us to redesign the whole Woven Planet site to reflect Woven Capital's new updates. Who knows, you may see Woven Planet's site on this portfolio next year. 

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