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Coupa is a cloud based platform that manages all transactions such as supply chain and payments. We worked closely with Coupa to help build their brand by developing explainer videos, toolkits, and templates. I specifically worked on animation storyboards, email/social templates, and a modular case study template. 

Coupa Advantage Explainer Video

Coupa needed a 3 minute video guiding new visitors on how to use their latest product: Coupa Advantage. I was responsible for creating the storyboards and presenting them to the client. Working closely with our Creative Director and project managers, we were able to get the concept approved at the first review due to our understanding of the message and accurate style explorations. Working in their brand was extremely fun and vibrant, especially considering they had already had concrete iconography and people illustrations. 


After getting all the storyboards approved, we worked with a freelance animator to put it all together. After a few rounds of VO and keyframe adjustments, the video was ready to go! The client was extremely satisfied with the final deliverable as it currently lives on their website. 

Check out the video live on their site here!


Coupa Case Study Template

Coupa enjoyed our work on the storyboards so much, they decided to reach out for more design work! They were in need of a case study template that they could use for their wide range of clients. My role was to come up with explorations for the template, as well as creating the final deliverable that could be used by anyone at the company. 



Working closely with our marketing director and creative director, we created a list of the modules that any case study would need such as: challenges, solutions, stats, callouts, quotes, CTAs, and imagery. From there, I built out all the modules in a bare bones format (similar to low fi flows for UX). I then explored different iterations of the look & feel of the template knowing that they may want to tone down the energy compared to the explainer video storyboards. They loved all the options and ended up going with a clean, high contrast look. 



After choosing a style, I was tasked with building out the rest of the pages with the corresponding modules. As with any template, it must be tested, so we used one of their clients as an example using our new template. Attached with the final indesign deliverable was a 'How to use this template' guide for designer handoff to be easy and efficient. Coupa was delighted to finally have a modular case study template that they use to this day. 

Coupa App Marketplace Email & Socials

Coupa needed a set of matching visuals for their email, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. As with every approach, we started with a few explorations, including some that called back to the video we made. I was responsible for creating all of these options and final deliverables for the project. Working closely with our Creative Director and project manager, we were able to deliver these assets with ease. 


Coupa loved all of our iterations, but ended up choosing these options you see here. For the social cards, I created the template to allow for quick add-ons and replacements if they are partnering with a client. For the email, I recommended a few different tools, but they decided to stick to Google Docs. Knowing that they wanted the text in the doc to be live and editable, I created the matching background visuals to allow for space to add two lines of text. They enjoyed these options so much, they also requested the dark mode versions too! 

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