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Leave it to the nerds

Designerds is a boutique creative service powered
by skilled designers embedded directly within different companies. From animation to project management, Designerds is built to work with your team and ease the pain of freelance vetting. I was tasked to help build the brand, along with spearheading the illustration style.
Take a look at some work below!

Illustration Style

Designerds needed help building out an illustration style to be used for the brand. They wanted the illustrations be simple enough to handoff to other designers, but strong enough to stand out against other brands. I came up with four options (along with branching variations) to kick off the style. 

Take a peak at part of the style presentation below!


Designerd Avatars

After building out the illustration style, I proceeded to create a "How To Create Your Own Designerd" deck, showing designers how to make their own Designerd branded avatar. Everyone was quite excited about this new style and it was so gratifying to see all the designers make nerd versions of themselves. 

The animation you see on the right are all the employees of Designerds (except maybe one easter egg). 

Check out all the avatars below!

Portfolio_Logos [Recovered]-12.png
Portfolio_Logos [Recovered]-14.png
Portfolio_Logos [Recovered]-15.png
Portfolio_Logos [Recovered]-13.png
Portfolio_Logos [Recovered]-16.png

Gorgeous gorgeous nerds like to animate

Along with crafting the illustration style, I was tasked with creating the animation style as well. I started with the logo animation that you see at the top of this page, then moved on to the character animations, which are also sprinkled along this page (example on left). 

Designerds work directly with your teams (yes, even back in office), so the concept is that these characters are seen in "windows" to portray them in company offices. Most of these animations were used for the site, so I didn't want to distract the viewer too much with heavy animations.


Working on the actual brand and identity was a blast, but making an illustration and animation style was definitely both challenging and downright FUN. The excitement from the team was incredible to witness, along with the passion to help build out the style even more. Since the Designerds site just launched in June 2022, we're still fairly new in the industry as a brand and I'm excited to see where Designerds will take off. 

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