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So, #WhatsHappening?

Working closely with PMM and creative directors, I am responsible for making: pitch decks, educational animations, data visualization, UI and UX animations, Emoji Gifs, Emoji designs, team logo designs, presentation templates, in-situ mock-ups, poster specs, tee shirt designs, marketing graphics, app store banners, and everything design. I guide other designers and vendors on how to use tools, templates, and processes that work in the most efficient way possible. Scroll down to see some examples that I've worked on! 


Product Demo Animations

This is what I spend most of my time doing while working at Twitter on rotation. Whenever there was a new feature or UI update, Twitter would request gifs to show how it would be used in product. This example shows how to play back previously recorded Spaces. I would be handed off Figma or Sketch files with the updated features, and I would edit the screens so that it correctly matches the new UI and animate them using Adobe After Effects. 

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Headers for dayyyys

If you ever check out some of Twitter's handles, such as @TwitterMusic, @TwitterGaming, and @TwitterMovies, then you'll notice some pretty sweet profile headers! From Megan the Stallion to The Batman, I helped create both templates and deliverables for all these headers.


SuperBowl LVI

Tweet your wildest Super Bowl LVI prediction in 6 words or less. You'll never guess where it might end up.
That's right, if you watched this year's Superbowl then this project may look quite familiar! Working with Twitter Studio, I was tasked with collaborating with the Sofi Digital roof team to bring these Tweet predictions to life. 


New Brand, New Avatars

With the new rebrand, all Tweeps were encouraged to change their profile photo to be treated in the new Twitter brand. I worked alongside Danny Yee to perfect the PS template. I also guided both Twitter designers and vendors on how to use the template and best practices. Here are some examples of Tweep avatars that have been treated. 


Twitter Blue Icon Teaser

This gif is meant to provide hype for some new icons coming to Twitter. I was tasked to create this animation. Although I've never done 3D animation before, I took the initiative to learn it in a day and provide the deliverables well before the deadline. 


Passover Emoji

I was responsible for making the emoji for Passover 2020, which was Elijah's wine cup. Elijah’s wine cup is set on the table at the celebration of the seder on Passover and reserved for the precursor of the Messiah, the prophet Elijah, who according to Jewish tradition may come anytime as a guest.


Songkran Emoji

Songkran, the traditional Thai New Year, celebrates new beginnings and transitioning into something new. I was responsible for making the new emoji for Songkran 2020. Water plays a significant role in the festival as it symbolizes cleansing and good fortune. In this execution we feature water and fragrant flower petals in a bowl as traditionally used throughout the festival.

metal 2.jpg

Working directly with the Twitter Studio team is an absolute pleasure. Everything from emoji creation to campaign launches, each project showed new ways to be both creative and technical while working with an established company. Not only did I get to witness the evolution of the brand, but I also had the opportunity to help shape it.
Twas a good time Tweeps!

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