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Designerds Ads

Our company needed a new set of animated ads for LinkedIn and Instagram, so we wanted to flex our new brand elements in this set of ads. This particular ad is on how our team can assist with presentation design. I was responsible for leading the designers in creating storyboards, working with the marketing director on messaging, and the animator for final delivery. 

Designerds Ads

This ad was focused on the pain points that teams were having without our services. Just like the previous ad, I was responsible for art direction, communication with the marketing director for messaging, and animation direction. I did suggest we explore a shorter version of the ad, but approving parties decided to move forward with only long versions. These ads currently live on LinkedIn and have helped us with initial discussions with new partners. 

AE Training Guide

This AE training guide I created is meant to help designers learn and understand basic animation techniques in After Effects. As a senior visual designer, I was responsible for onboarding and training designers to ensure that they met all the needs asked by a variety of clients. I put together this guide so that our internal designers have a solid foundation into animation. 

Short-form content

Knowing that designers are busy and just need quick bits of information, I started a mini-series of quick tutorials. This first one is on how to use the easy ease keyframe in after effects in combination with the speed editor. 

This was a fun exercise to create for our internal designers. They absolutely loved it and started applying this technique to their animations, and you could see it. I was so proud!

I DO also have a Tiktok for my personal account, salientfigures, that I also use to explore mini teaser tutorials as well. I use a combination of different tools and techniques (including adobe products) to create the final pieces.